Friday, December 31, 2010


Now, I'm not typically the guy who makes someone an offender for a word, but when you're held up as some heroic policy wonk and yet you  a) don't even know in which century the Constitution was written  b) become confused by the strange, archaic language of the document, or  c) can't see the value in reading the Constitution at the invocation of a Congress that, like all others, has sworn to uphold and defend it ... then I have to go all ad hominem and declare:  This guy is dumb.  I now fully understand the budget woes of newspapers.  If they're reduced to getting their analysis from freshman journalists who don't have the first clue about American history, I can see why subscriptions are down.  SHEESH!!


  1. American history or American Ideas is not his agenda ...He may look young but for sure he has been trained in way most could never fathom
    His job is to make you feel that If the Us house of Representatives reads the Constitution aloud that it is acting against American Ideas...Or... to sublimely place within your ear , thought , and mind that they are acting Un-American by doing so... If you will, to make general population of people condemn them for doing so (“how silly they, or” are they crazy”!!)... The Constitution and the perfection that it bring to humanity as a guide to govern a people is the main thing that separates America from all other forms of government in the world …Because it will not allow the agenda of “A few to globally dominate using America as their foot hold to lance their new world order ” Hummm … Talk about being Attacked from the left ,right ,and from within ..